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What Are The Benefits Offered By a Modular Green Roof?

If you have done research on installing a green roofing system, you already know that you have a choice between a modular system and custom-built system. While both types of green roofs are good, we would like to make a case for a modular green roof. Before that, however, let us first talk about modular green roofs in general.

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Easy Installation

Having the word “modular” means that modular green roofs are basically plant boxes that you install directly on your roof. If you have done any research, you already know that there are many companies out there that offer these modular systems of the same green roof. Each module or box is an ecosystem unto itself with features like water retention, drainage, and growth media all built into it. Just like custom-built green roofs, you have a choice between intensive and extensive.

If you are new to green roofs, don’t worry because the difference between intensive and extensive isn’t that hard to understand.

Intensive and Extensive Options

Intensive just means thick and the ability to use a wide variety of plants. Extensive means thin with a depth of a little less than an inch.

Modular systems are great because you do not need to pay for labour. In fact, when the modules are delivered to you, you can put it right away on the roof and not have a specialist do the work for you. Think Ikea and their modular furniture. If you think they’re easy to work with, modular green roofs are about the same, if not easier.

But aside from the easy handling, a modular green roof has added benefits. For one, you can use it to improve the performance of solar panels. Solar panels perform better in cooler environments and having vegetation nearby can certainly help generate more power. Also, the life of your roof can be extended. We really do not need to tell you, but a roof’s waterproofing system can be shortened when it is exposed to the elements. A green roof, however, offers protection.

Increasing Property Prices

Also, a green roof can increase the value of your property and you can negotiate a better price should you decide to sell it. But the biggest benefit that green roofs offer is the peace and calm it can provide to the occupants of the building below.

So, when you are ready, find a company that offers modular green roofs now.